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About Intown Jewish Center

Located in the JingAn area of Shanghai, our freshly designed Chabad center includes a synagogue, a Kosher mart, a restaurant, School and Kindergarten, youth center, and a Mikveh (to be lunched soon). We are located at 333 Wuding road.
Freshly designed synagogue, all are welcome.
Kosher Restaurant
Operating 5 days a week, our restaurant has many different options for those who would like a nice kosher meal.
Kosher Mart
Find kosher products imported from around the world.
School & Kindergarten
Classes and play areas designed especially for children of many ages, learning different subjects and Jewish studies.
Youth Center
A fun area for youngsters to hang out and relax, featuring video games, Foosball table, printing station and ball pools for the younger ones.
Mikveh (to be opened)
The Mikveh, set to be opened soon, would allow bathers to do the cleansing rituals in a designed, clean environment.


To help us continue running these important services, please consider making a donation to the Intown Jewish Center. Thank you.
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Chabad Intown Team

Rabbi Shlomo Aouizerat
Rabbi Shlomo Aouizerat


Rabbanit Anael Aouizerat
Rabbanit Anael Aouizerat


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333 Wuding road Shanghai, China
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +86-21-6255-7770

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